Free fall.

April 22nd 2019, between Moscow and Tokyo. 

Okay, it’s blogging time. After a recovery period (quitting my job, leaving my apartment, etc.) and a solo trip-test to Cambodia, I finally took that one way ticket: Paris-Tokyo, Monday April 22nd, 380 EUR, let’s get started.

This is not a diary, neither a travel newsletter. It’s a connection between you and me. A virtual connection but I truly believe it can get deeper than a physical one…

After finding myself deep down in a hole, I decided that I wanted to rebuild myself out of the World I was conditioned to be living in. I want to build a better version of myself, out of my current comfort zone and through experience that I truly want to live. 

Nara (Japan) – May 2019

By solo travelling, I hope to connect with people I was never supposed to meet if I stayed in that comfort zone my parents have prepared for me. I believe that this connection will enrich my vision of life and my knowledge of the World. The objective is to be able to define myself by the values that I believe in and that I will have learned from all the cultures I will be immersed in.

Although my own Tunisian roots are very important, they only constitute the basis of my self-foundation. By travelling throughout the World, I hope to share my own culture with other cultures in order to get the best out of all this melting pot. That way, I may one day become a real Citizen of the World. 

To be honest, it’s been very challenging and scary to start this blog because I am afraid of judgment. But I said ‘Fuck it! Get out of your comfort zone and do what you truly feel like doing and what you think will bring additional value to your life.’ And here I am, finally posting this first article.

So, sit tight, open wide your eyes, enlighten your space because I am about to take you on board with me. Safe journey to all of us 😉

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